Miss World 2018 Head to Head challenge groups revealed

13 Nov 2018 | Irina Silva

The coronation night of Miss World 2018 in inching closer day by day, with the finale to be held on 8th December 2018 and the delegates are working very hard to make an impression in front of the judges. The winner will be crowned by Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar of India.

The Head to Head challenge plays a huge part in the selection process of the finalists, as all the delegates will be critically viewed and judged by a global audience and their favourites will advance to the next level of the Head to Head Challenge.

In stage two of the Head to Head challenge, each delegate will have a faceoff with another contestant and the winners will earn their place in the Miss World 2018 Top 30. This section will also see the delegates showcasing their skills as the advocates of their respective "Beauty with a Purpose" projects.


Miss World 2018 Head to Head challenge groups revealed


The Miss World Organization posted the list of groups that the delegates of each country have been divided into. Following is the said list that gives the audience an idea about which contestant will be competing with whom –

Group 1 - Ethiopia, Peru, Mauritius, Czech Republic, Ghana, Australia

Group 2 - Germany, Cayman Islands, Georgia, Paraguay, Barbados, France

Group 3 - South Africa, Venezuela, Wales, Finland, Latvia, Sierra Leone

Group 4 –Iceland, Guyana, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Norway, Senegal

Group 5 –Canada, Gibraltar, Dominican Republic, Scotland

Group 6 –Denmark, British Virgin Islands, Brazil, Ireland, People's Republic of China, Bangladesh

Group 7 –Korea, Bahamas, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Japan, Chile


Miss World 2018 Head to Head challenge groups revealed


Group 8 –Slovakia, Bolivia, Lebanon, United States, Cameroon, Cook Islands

Group 9 –Indonesia, England, Albania, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Rwanda

Group 10 –Serbia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Guadeloupe, Lesotho, Nicaragua

Group 11 –Myanmar, Armenia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Belize, Italy

Group 12 –Egypt, Vietnam, South Sudan, Panama, Montenegro, India

Group 13 –Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Guam, Luxembourg, Nepal, Moldova

Group 14 –Martinique, Netherlands, Belarus, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Singapore 

Group 15 –Mongolia, Greece, Austria, Thailand, Ukraine, Hungary

Group 16 –Colombia, Laos, Bulgaria, Zambia, Portugal, Belgium

Group 17–Malta, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Aruba, Northern Ireland 

Group 18–Haiti, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Tanzania

The delegates competing in Group 19 and Group 20 will be revealed soon.

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