Miss World America 2019 Regional Directors announced

04 Apr 2019 | Irina Silva

Miss World America pageant is an annual beauty pageant which selects the official representative of the USA at the coveted Miss World pageant. In the national pageant of Miss World America, some of the most incredible beauties from all over the United States take part and get a chance to showcase their beauty, talent, skills and intelligence. The USA has held the coveted title of Miss World three times.

For the first time, Miss World America Organization has decided to have their Regional Directors appointed for the smooth conducting and functioning of local pageants of various American states. So far, only a few regional directors’ names have been revealed by the Miss World America organization.


Miss World America 2019 Regional Directors announced


The names of the Regional Directors along with respective state are –

Joeletta Barrentine of Albama

Diane Schmidt of California

Sharon Belden Polo of Florida

Lesa Laforce of Georgia

Leila Fernandez of Hawaii

Rajneesh Grover of Idaho

Laurie Dejack of Indiana

Tina Ziobros & Jesse West of Kentucky

Stacey Frasca of Massachusetts

Laurie Dejack of Michigan

Diane Schmidt of Nevada

Shane Santacroce of New York


Miss World America 2019 Regional Directors announced


Kathy Keefe Jensen of North Carolina

Christi Woolard of Ohio

Rajneesh Grover of Oregon

Rebecca Roush of Pennsylvania

Kathy Keefe Jensen of South Carolina

Jesse West & Tina Ziobros of Tennessee

Della Fay of Texas

Michael Galanes & Jennifer Ripley Bissen of Vermont

Rajneesh Grover of Washington

Cody Layton of West Virginia