Miss World calling for Arshina Sumbul?

11 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

The ability to stay calm and composed in a high-pressure situation like a pageant and the power of dealing with setbacks in a positive way and coming back with more power is one of the qualities that a Miss World aspirant should have. Hailing from the city of Jaipur, Arshina Sumbul has caught our attention with her quirky and very experimental makeup looks and her confidence as she seems as like a potential candidate to represent India at Miss World stage in future. She is 21-years-old and is studying in Kanoria College, Jaipur and works as a professional model as well. She is strong, focused and determined to represent India at international stage.

Arshina is not new to the pageantry as she was the winner of the Elite Miss Rajasthan 2018 and later participated in Liva Miss Diva 2020 where she was placed at the Top 10 at the end of the event finale. During the Miss Diva 2020 competition, Arshina wore a National Costume that depicted the beauty and heritage of India but also the challenges that the country faces. Her outfit was an image of how people specially women are coming forward to help the environment and society and handling all the challenges that this country face.



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The diva describes herself has someone who loves to sit quietly in the corner and introspect about life but at the same time, she is outgoing and friendly who loves to help in need. Arshina also mentioned that she is adaptive to situations and likes to stay focused on the journey towards her goal rather than focusing on the outcome. She looks up to her grandfather and proudly mentions that he stood up for others before thinking about himself. She further adds that one of the reasons she admires him is because all his life he contributed to the society in a way or other and when he passed away, people still remember him for her gestures and deeds. “If talking in general than I really get influenced by Malala Yousafzai. How she stood up for all the girls and that too in a very young age is something which I really appreciate,” she added.

On asking about what is the one thing that she’d like to change in the world, Arshina answered; Boundaries. She had a logical answer that god almighty made the world without any boundaries so who are we to create them. She stated that the boundaries are the reason behind the hate and wars and she aspires to eliminate that form the world. She lastly added, “I personally feel that this world would have been a better place to live in without the boundaries. Also, it would have been easier to travel our own world without any lengthy documents.”



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Arshina feels that young generation or any aspiring model should look up to and follow the journey of the former beauty queens and understand that the platform is beyond just a pretty face. They way queens have transformed oneself into a fierce, powerful, independent, and successful woman is something one should learn and aspire to be. The platform provides one to connect with the society, gives them a voice to speak and work towards what they believe in and above everything, it helps one to work on oneself without doubting even a single second.

The diva seems like fierce crown contender and believes that a woman must know how to love oneself, should always try to be confident in whatever work they put their heart and mind into and lastly should be sharing and caring towards people. She believes that the ability to turn every negative into positive sets her apart from everyone and this quality of hers helps her to deal with her own failures in a positive manner. Her social media is full of her experimental makeup looks and that is something to look forward to in future.

Arshina may have been placed at the Top 10 of Miss Diva Universe 2020 competition, but her confidence and self-assurance can surly help her win Femina Miss India title in future, if she participates. She wants the youth of the country to embrace themselves and speak out their opinions fearlessly because speaking one’s mind is the only way society can change.