Anouk Eman appointed as Miss World Aruba 2017

05 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

Anouk Eman has been appointed as Miss World Aruba 2017, and will now represent Aruba at Miss World 2017 pageant to be held in China later this year. At the same event, Alina Danelle was appointed as Miss Universe Aruba 2017 and she will represent Aruba at Miss Universe 2017 to be held later this year.


Anouk Eman appointed as Miss World Aruba 2017

Anouk Stephanie Helen Eman is 25-year-old and graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Early Intervention in Autism. Anouk started swimming since a young age of 10 years old and since then has competed nationally and internationally.

Official crowning of Miss Universe Aruba 2017 and Miss World Aruba 2017 was held on 4th July in a private ceremony, in the presence of family and friends. Local panel of experts is proud to introduce Aruba’s representatives for Miss Universe 2017 and Miss World 2017. Anouk Helen will fly to China for the Miss World 2017 finals in December.

Talking about Aruba’s performance at Miss World pageant – Zizi Lee was placed as first runner-up in 2001 at Miss World pageant. Aruba has never won the Miss World title.

We are confident that Anouk Eman will capture the necessary attention to transmit her views on life and be real role model for children and women everywhere.