Nanise Rainima to begin her ambassadorial duties for Fiji Airways and Tourism

12 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

Beauty queen Nanise Rainima who has recently won the Miss World Fiji title is now busy with her ambassadorial mission in Singapore. Her aim is to draw more visitors to her home country Fiji which is widely known for its captivating private-islands, beautiful resorts, fascinating destinations and outdoor adventures.

When asked about her visit to Singapore, Nanise said, “The beautiful Lion City is certainly a breath of fresh air. The past two days have been getting to know this city a bit more and it has been an amazing experience.”


Nanise Rainima to begin her ambassadorial duties for Fiji Airways and Tourism


The 25 years old beauty queen, Nanise Rainima noticed people staring at her hair who were curious to know how it looked natural and asked her questions regarding it. She answered to those people by saying that it was her traditional hairstyle and that she was proud of it.

Nanise was seen doing some tremendous work for the purpose of promoting her country at the fair in Singapore whose objective was to provide a platform for various airlines and tourism companies from different countries to help them endorse and sell their products to attract more visitors to their respective countries.

Regarding her ambassadorial duties, the Miss World Fiji 2017 said, "Today my ambassadorial duties begin and I'm excited to be promoting Fiji to anyone and everyone. Vinaka Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji for the opportunity."

"My being here is as Miss World Fiji. I represent my country and will do as much as possible to promote all I can about Fiji to anyone and everyone." She ended.

The beauty will soon be seen representing Fiji at the Miss World 2017. She is extremely excited about endorsing her country’s culture.