Miss Gibraltar 2018 finalist Star Farrugia

15 Jun 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Gibraltar 2018 pageant has been an unusual one with just three contestants fighting for the crown. However, that did not mean the organization would back out from hosting the pageant, and is carrying on the tradition of crowning a queen.

The official Facebook page of Miss Gibraltar 2018 informed about the same.

Only 3 contestants this year but as confirmed by Culture, the event will take place this year. More detail will follow very soon. Follow this page to ensure you get all the latest about the upcoming show as well as all the images, videos and news of the girls journey to become Miss Gibraltar 2018. On the night of the show exclusive Back Stage images and video only on this page.

On the conclusion of Miss Gibraltar 2018, Miss Gibraltar 2017 Jodie Garcia will crown her successor for the Miss Gibraltar crown. One of the contestants staking her claim at the crown is Star Farrugia. Star was the 3rd to sign up for Miss Gibraltar 2018.

22-year-old Star is an Aries, with dark brown hair and eyes that match them exactly. She works as a receptionist and can speak English and Spanish. She has avid interests in fitness and outdoor activities.


Miss Gibraltar 2018 finalist Star Farrugia

(Photo Credits: Miss Gibraltar Official)

Star wants to be a better version of myself every day, staying active, being productive and helping others.

Entering Miss Gibraltar 2018 was something Star did because she had always been told by other contestants how great the experience had been for them and that she would enjoy it as well. She also believes it will encourage her to lead a healthier lifestyle and push boundaries.

She genuinely believes she would enjoy the experience of becoming an ambassador for Gibraltar internationally.

The Miss Gibraltar winners receive more than just the crown. The crowned Miss Gibraltar receives £2,000 cash, and £3,500 clothing allowance, and also wins the chance to represent Gibraltar at the Miss World pageant. The 1st Princess receives £1,000 cash, and £500 clothing allowance, and the 2nd Princess receives £500 cash, and £500 clothing allowance.

The first ever Miss Gibraltar contest was staged in 1959. It was organized by the Vox Newspaper. Won by Viola Abudarham, the first election of a Miss Gibraltar took place at a dance organized at the CFCA hall situated at the southern end of Main Street.

Looking back, many will be shocked to learn that Gibraltar's first ever Miss Gibraltar was married at the time, since it was not until the show was revived in 1964 that the rules, as we know them today applied. In fact the reason for the absence of 4 years is ambiguous, some suggest it was due to lack of response by Gibraltarian girls, while others assure that no producer was willing to take on the challenge.