Priyanka Yoshikawa is more welcomed in India than in Japan?

07 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

Priyanka Yoshikawa’s crowning as Miss World Japan 2016 has garnered attention, not just from Japan but from India as well. Where Japanese are arguing over the fact that Priyanka is not pure Japanese and hence cannot represent Japan, Indians are celebrating the fact that a girl from Indian origin won the Miss Japan title. Irony?

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Priyanka Yoshikawa is more welcomed in India than in Japan?


Priyanka’s father is from Kolkata, India and met Priyanka’s mother after moving to Japan as a student. Priyanka’s victory came as a blow for those who have been crying out loud for a ‘pure’ Japanese pageant queen, ever since Ariana Miyamoto was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2015 last year.

The 22 years old is a licensed elephant trainer and vowed to fight against racial chauvinism in Japan, where multiracial children make up just two percent of those born annually. Priyanka was flooded with congratulatory messages from fans from India after her win, and the beauty queen was surprised to receive the messages.

"I am inundated with messages from India, all wishing me luck. I told them I am not Indian but they are still sending me good wishes," said the 22-year-old beauty queen. Priyanka also said that she visits India regularly and hopes to help homeless children in Kolkata, India. "I want to build a home for them back there and my father is already setting up meetings for that," she said, repeating her comments to judges who crowned her. However, she's clear that she's not confused about her identity. "There are some who say I am not Japanese but I can't help it - I am Japanese."

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