Miss World Lebanon 2016, Sandy Tabet Saves a Life with a Gift of Life Lebanon

21 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

We are all very well aware of the “Children’s Charity” that has been closely associated with Beauty with a Purpose for many years. It basically works in order to raise funds to help disabled children all over the world. In relation to that, Miss World Lebanon saved a life with a gift of life Lebanon by raising funds for the children born with congenital heart disease.


Miss World Lebanon 2016, Sandy Tabet Saves a Life with a Gift of Life Lebanon


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The beauty marked her presence at the event and took part with utmost interest. Annually, 1 in 100 babies are born with such appalling disease, which is believed to be the most common birth defect in the world. In April, the Rotary ICC USA- Lebanon established its 74th chapter of ‘Gift of Life International’ in Lebanon itself. The Lebanon chapter has had the opportunity to partner with the Children Heart Center at The American University Medical Center, which have facilitated Gift of Life Lebanon to provide as chief medical center in the Middle East region.

The Gift of Lebanon has supported over a 100 children with surgeries to prevention programs and awareness campaigns. The main aim of the organization is to offer healthcare services to every needy child with such disease in Lebanon regardless of origin or gender.

Sandy Lebanon attended the event to offer a helping hand in order to save children and to help them improve and get better. The gorgeous lady was crowned as Miss Lebanon and defeated 14 other gorgeous participants for the crown of Miss World Lebanon.

It feels great to see such beauties to come up and to work in favor of the well-being of children who are suffering from serious ailments. We are proud of the beauties and the organization for playing such an important part in the lives of the children to provide them ‘A Gift of Life.’ 

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