Steffi Van Wyk Wins the Miss World 2015 Sports Challenge

09 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss World Namibia 2015, Steffi Van Wyk might be coming up as one of the front runners, after being announced the lucky winner of this year’s Miss World Sports Challenge. The 24 years old beauty queen achieved a foremost place in every sports event.

At the same event, Miss World Seychelles 2015, Linne Freminot donned the second position, Miss World Guam 2015, Aria Perez Theisen made it to the third spot, Miss World Kazakhstan 2015, Regina Vandysheva achieved fourth ranking and Miss World Samoa 2015, Alofa Latafale AuvaA was placed fifth in the sports challenge.

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Steffi Van Wyk Wins the Miss World 2015 Sports Challenge


It was a straight forward challenge of physicality; strength and stamina; a gruelling bleep test. The challenge took place on December 8’ at the Sanya University Sports track, the super exciting extravaganza culminated with a bang.

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The top 6 finishers in each group automatically advances to the sports’ fast track final for the individual events, where the participants competed in a series of even more grueling physical fitness exercises, which included individual and team shuttle runs, long jump, 100 meter sprint, 400 meter relay, tug of war and more!


Steffi Van Wyk Wins the Miss World 2015 Sports Challenge


The Miss World 2015 Sports Finalists organized by team and in order of placement were:

Yellow Team Czech Republic, Bermuda, Curacao, Australia, Denmark, Botswana (Reserves: Argentina, Aruba).

Blue Team – Guam, Fiji, Kazakhstan, France, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia (Reserves: Finland, Jamaica).

Orange Team – New Zealand, Serbia, Norway, Samoa, Kenya, Nicaragua (Reserves: Romania, Lesotho).

Red Team – Namibia, Spain, Turkey, Seychelles, South Africa, Scotland (Reserves: USA, Ukraine).

The ‘Miss World Sports’ or ‘Sportswoman’ is a title and award given to the winner of a sports event at Miss World. It is a fast track or preliminary event, and the winner automatically makes it to the semifinals.