Albertina Haimbala – The representative of Namibia at 72nd Miss World

18 Mar 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Albertina Haimbala, as Miss World Namibia 2023, is currently preparing to represent Namibia at 72nd Miss World. Albertina is 24 years of age and has studied marketing management at the University of Science and Technology. The Namibian beauty queen has been working on her oratory skills and catwalk skills to hone herself for the international platform.



As Miss World Namibia, Albertina has set strong hopes to be the beacon of hope and strength as she wrote, “Dear Namibian Child. My name is Albertina Haimbala and I am a Seed of Hope. I was planted in this world not knowing what type of fruit I'd bear or turn into. I decided that I want to bear a fruit that will benefit my community. A fruit that will heal, nurture and sustain my people. So, I set a plan. I wrote it down and gave it to God.”

“Now I’m living proof of God’s goodness. This is your reminder that you have a choice to decide what type of results you want to produce. You are a seed and you will grow. We are not our circumstances. Miss World Namibia 2023”, she added.



Albertina Haimbala has also set up a non-profit, Haimbala Foundation, which focuses on creating awareness and breaking the stigma around people with disabilities and uplifting young minds through fun and educational activities. Albertina travels to schools across her country as she speaks about topics that relate with the young students as she believes ‘Transformational leadership starts with intentionality’.



Albertina succeeds Leone van Jaarsveld who represented Namibia at the 71st Miss World but did not place in the Top 40 at the finale. However, she placed in the Top 32 at the Sports Challenge. The country is yet to pioneer its win at Miss World pageant.