National Franchise Director of Miss World TT, Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo resigns

27 Feb 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The lady who has been with the Miss World Trinidad & Tobago pageant family since 2014, Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo recently resigned from her position of National Franchise Director at Oneness Entertainment Trinidad and Tobago Limited.

Vanessa in a statement recently informed that she submitted her resignation on February 7. She expressed how her journey has been a fantastic one since her directorship in 2014.

It came out that she has submitted her resignation due to personal reasons. She expressed -

“During my tenure, I made a number of personal sacrifices for my country and the time has now come for me to focus on my family especially my son, who is my WORLD. He is in a very significant stage of his life writing his CSEC Examinations and it is time for me to devote my energy and time with him and the various organizations he is a part of. This is a time I will cherish forever and this is the time he needs me the most.”

Vanessa, who has from been at the centre of controversy as it relates to the Miss World pageant, said despite the ‘stumbling blocks’ she has absolutely no regrets.


National Franchise Director of Miss World TT, Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo resigns


During her tenure as the national director of the national pageant, Vanessa has gone through many controversies and blocks in her way. In 2015, Vanessa came in for direct criticism towards her, where people blamed her for the dethronement of Kimberly Farrah Singh from her crown.

Vanessa dared to state that Kimberly Farrah Singh breached the rules of the organisation. Kimberly was later reinstated after she took a legal action against Oneness Entertainment.

“Though the road travelled might have had some “stumbling blocks” cast in my way, I welcomed the challenge and proud that I never veered from my goal, to be the best for my country. This experience has moulded me to be a stronger and even more compassionate person. It has given me the strength to carry forth my mission even before my tenure with Miss World of “assisting those in need,” she said.

Vanessa thanked her family, friends and sponsors for their unwavering support.

However, she noted that this was the end for her adding that Miss Oneness Trinidad and Tobago Organisation will continue to work with charity projects both here in Trinidad and Tobago and with its sister organisation in Nicaragua.