Nuestra Belleza Latina organization reminisces the journey so far before searching for the new queen

13 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

Nuestra Belleza Latina is an American reality television beauty pageant that first broadcasted on Univision in 2007 to 2016, and later revived in 2018 is now coming back with its new season. The reality television beauty pageant looks through the journey of contestants residing in a house together in Miami, Florida, competing in weekly challenges to win the Nuestra Belleza Latina crown. Each week the viewing public votes for their favorites, and one contestant is eliminated. The winner receives a year-long television presenting contract with Univision, among other prizes. Contestants are Hispanic and Latino Americans who are either American citizens or permanent residents.

The 13th season of Nuestra Belleza is set to take place but before the organization starts to look out for their new queen, the channel will broadcast three special programs starting from 12th July 2020 at 8 PM Pacific time and 7 PM Central time to remind the public of the history of this very different program that has changed the lives of so many people. The three-episode special program will be called, “Nuestra Belleza Latina, El Reencuentro” which will be hosted by various winners of the contest including Alejandra Espinoza and Migbelis Castellanos.



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The news of this special broadcast was announced by Mexican actress and model Alejandra Espinoza who was the winner of the first season in one of her recent interviews. She mentioned that when they started off with the first season, “no one, not even Univision knew the jewel that he had between hands when you decided to produce the reality show.” She also mentioned in 2007, when the idea of merging a beauty pageant with a reality show was showcased, it caught a lot of attention because it was something new and refreshing for the audience to look out for. The reality show also offered an employment to the winner of the season which attracted a lot of aspiring models in the country.

In her recent interview, Alejandra stated that they will have exclusive interviews with the participants who did not manage to be crowned Our Latin Beauty, but thanks to the projection that the program gave them they were able to start a consolidated artistic career in the Spanish-speaking media in the United States. Talking about her win, she stated that her participation at the competition has been one of the greatest blessings of her life and affirms that “the public and Univision gave me the opportunity to learn along the way, to fall, to get up, to make mistakes, to correct them.” She is excited to be back on the same platform from where she started her career and feels honored to be interviewing the other contestants of the show.



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Talking about how the new season will be different, the diva mentioned that they will go against the traditional beauty contests and try to help the women during their inspiring experience and uncover their fears and joys as they represent true Latino beauty, inside and out. She mentioned that there has been a lot of changes from the time she won and she feels excited that she is also a part of the new wave of the television show. Alejandra stated, “Nuestra Belleza Latina’ has shown what a girl who is given opportunities can achieve.” There has been no dates or time announced for the premier of the new season but the audience is excited for the reunion.