Aneta Mitušinová wins Online Voting at Ceska Miss 2018

10 Apr 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Many pageants have talent steps to make their audiences feel more involved in the selection process. They have let their fans become judges and feel how much they value them. One way of doing this has come through voting. Fans are generally asked to vote for their favourites, sometimes for special awards, and sometimes to select the finalists. Some organizations let their fans select the finalists completely, by keeping a popularity contest.

But the weight of judgement is a heavy one, and sometimes pageants cant risk enthusiastic fans ruining the chances of a very contestant to make it to the crown. Thus, the Ceska Miss organization found a middle ground, and let their fans choose one semifinalist, out of 47, that would make it directly into the Final 10 who will be fighting for the crown on the finale night.

Out of the 47 semifinalists chosen from a total of 4 castings in Olomouc, Zlin, Brno, and Prague. The audiences were asked to vote online, for the most beautiful of the women that had made it through to the semifinals. Although it was a hard decision, considering the semifinalists were equally charming and beautiful, the poll did end up with a winner.


Aneta Mitušinová wins Online Voting at Ceska Miss 2018

(Courtesy Aneta Mitusinova Facebook Official)

Aneta Mitusinova from the final casting of the competition, Prague, won the online voting contest and became a finalist straight away.

20 years old Aneta Mitušinová hails from Kladno, Czech Republic. Aneta stands tall at 169 cm and weighs approximately 59 kg. her vital stats are, 91-72-90. Aneta is a student at the University of Physical Education and Sport of Palestra in Prague, so it is not surprising that she loves sport and aerobics, and also the sign language.

Now if the crowd favourite will impress the judges equally, we will only find out once the competition proceeds.