Our Top 3 Favourites of Miss Namibia 2024

10 Jul 2024 | Irina Silva

In the heart of Windhoek, Namibia, anticipation is mounting for the prestigious Miss Namibia 2024 pageant, set to captivate audiences on July 20. This annual event isn't just about beauty; it's a platform where grace meets ambition, celebrating the intellect, talent, and cultural pride of Namibian women.

The pageant, known for its rigorous selection process, will see contestants vying for the coveted title and the opportunity to represent Namibia on the global stage. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Miss Namibia serves as a beacon of empowerment, promoting causes ranging from environmental sustainability to education and women's health.

"This year's contestants embody resilience and grace, each bringing a unique story and passion," shared the organizing committee. With a lineup of diverse talents and compelling personal missions, the pageant promises not only a showcase of beauty but also a testament to Namibia's vibrant spirit and forward-looking aspirations.

As the countdown begins, all eyes are on Windhoek, where the next Miss Namibia will emerge, ready to inspire and lead both locally and internationally. Stay tuned as Namibia prepares to crown its ambassador of beauty and grace for 2024.

Jodie-Lee Barnard

In the spotlight of the highly anticipated Miss Namibia 2024 pageant stands Jodie-Lee Barnard, a captivating 22-year-old whose journey to the finals has captivated judges and pageant enthusiasts alike. Jodie-Lee has not only showcased her beauty but also her intelligence and passion for social causes close to her heart.

Born with an innate charm, Jodie-Lee's dedication to the Miss Namibia competition reflects her commitment to making a difference. Her poised demeanor and charisma have garnered attention as she prepares for the final round, aiming to leave a lasting impact in her community and beyond.

As the competition heats up, Jodie-Lee Barnard stands as a true ambassador of grace and resilience, embodying the core values of Miss Namibia with every step. With her eyes set on the crown, she continues to inspire hope and admiration, promising to shine brightly in the upcoming finale.

Jodie-Lee Barnard continues to dazzle and inspire on her journey to becoming Miss Namibia 2024, a title that signifies not just beauty, but purpose and positive change.



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Naomi Kamenye

Naomi Kamenye has secured her place as a finalist in Miss Namibia 2024. At 23 years old, Naomi embodies the essence of beauty with a purpose, showcasing not only her stunning looks but also her dedication to making a positive impact in her community.

The Miss Namibia pageant, renowned for its celebration of Namibian beauty and talent, has provided Naomi with a platform to shine. Her journey through the competition has been marked by moments of grace and determination, earning admiration from judges and supporters alike.

Born with a passion for advocacy, Naomi has used her voice to champion causes close to her heart, including education and environmental conservation. Her participation in Miss Namibia 2024 underscores her commitment to empowering young women and fostering positive change.

As Naomi prepares for the final stage of the competition, she remains grateful for the support of her family, friends, and mentors who have guided her along this transformative journey. With the crown within reach, Naomi Kamenye stands poised to inspire a new generation of Namibian women with her beauty, intellect, and compassion.



Preclina Sagarias

Preclina Sagarias, 26, has emerged as a finalist in the esteemed Miss Namibia 2024 pageant. Hailing from a background rich in culture and heritage, Preclina has not only charmed judges but also captured the hearts of spectators with her radiant presence and eloquence.

The Miss Namibia pageant, known for celebrating intelligence, poise, and social awareness, saw Preclina shine throughout the competition. Her journey to the finals has been marked by a dedication to her platform, advocating for women's empowerment and cultural preservation. This resonates deeply with her personal values, making her a standout contestant among her peers.

Raised with a passion for community service and a strong sense of identity, Preclina embodies the essence of Namibian beauty and resilience. Her journey as a finalist reflects not only her outer beauty but also her inner strength and commitment to making a positive impact in her community.

As she continues her quest for the crown, Preclina Sagarias remains a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the true spirit of Miss Namibia 2024. Her presence in the finals is a testament to her determination and dedication to represent her country with grace and pride on the national stage.



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