Filipina beauty Rabiya Mateo to star in a Hollywood film?

09 Jul 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Rabiya Mateo made Philippines proud at the recently concluded Miss Universe 2020 by placing in the Top 21 and impressing everyone with her stellar performance. After a successful stint, Rabiya is all set to begin a new journey and invite opportunities to expand her horizons. The stunning Iloilo beauty revealed that she is looking forward to starting a career in showbiz in May.

Recently, in an interview with Unang Hirit, Rabiya revealed that she got to talk to ‘The Young Messiah’ director Noah Nowrasteh about a possible role for her in a project they were planning to shoot in her home country. However, nothing concrete has been set yet.



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Rabiya went to a dinner with Nowrasteh last month and spoke about it in the interview, “We talked about a project during that time. They were planning to shoot something here in the Philippines and they were looking for a woman to play the lead role, so they laid out the storyline as well as a possible role for me, but nothing is for sure. But hopefully, we never know, my first movie could be a Hollywood movie."

After Miss Universe 2020, the Filipino beauty queen did some travelling in the US for two months before coming home in July. Rabiya shared a photo with director Nowrasteh in June, saying she met him just one day before flying back to the Philippines. Does this mean Rabiya could be a Hollywood A-lister soon?