Biracial beauty pageant winner criticized for her 'not so black' looks

06 May 2017 | Angelopedia

Rachael Malonson, 22, a bi-racial woman, won the title of Miss Black University of Texas. On her amazing win she said, “It was definitely a huge honour to win. As a bi-racial woman, I didn’t even think I was able to place.”

Her brother was appalled with the members of the black community and worried that they would assault her sister because she is bi-racial. After the win, even Rachael said she was perplexed to enter into the competition because of her mixed race.

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Biracial beauty pageant winner criticized for her 'not so black' looks


She added, “I challenged myself by vulnerably expressing obstacles I face as a bi-racial woman and was not going to leave the stage without letting others know that my blessings and strength are in Christ alone.” People started tweeting and criticized her for not being black enough to win the title.

The tweets went like this- “Okay, so I did mt creeping on ol (sic) girl who won that black pageant ... she shouldn’t have won,” one user wrote.

Another said: The real question is how she even gets in the pageant.” Rachael, whose father is black and mother, is white, wanted to break down the stereotypes and want to educate people that racial bias should be ended.

“I didn’t realise that even after I received the title I would still have to explain myself, that there was still ignorant people out there who are asking me to prove myself,” she said. “Just because I have straight hair and olive skin tone doesn’t mean I’m not black … I don’t have to look a certain way to be black.”

The beautiful girl is a broadcasting and journalism student at the University of Texas and took the criticism positively.  In one of her Twitter posts she thanked everyone who supported her throughout, mainly people in the African-American community saying- “A time that was supposed to make me feel worthless turned into a beautiful reminder that I have true brothers and sisters at UT.” “And I will continue to support black women empowerment,” she added.

She has struggled a lot with the mixed race and often faced a lot of ignorance from the people for the same. “I remember I felt so insecure because people didn’t understand who I was by my look,” Malonson said. “I’m confident in it now and see it as a unique trait where I’m able to teach people that not every black person (and) not every mixed person looks the same way.”

We believe that people should come out of the web of racial discrimination and support a true gem like Rachael Malonson. We want to wish the pretty girl all the best for her future and may she fulfills all her dreams.

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