Reinado Internacional del café 2020 Special Awards

11 Jan 2020 | Abigail Henry

Reinado Internacional del Café 2020 aka International Coffee Queen 2020 has officially begun in Manizales, Colombia with the arrival of all the beautiful candidates competing this year. The girls arrived in Colombia few days ago after which they have been quite busy with various events and activities. They were given a warm and colourful welcome by Feria de Manizales, a parade ceremony held at the 64th Manizales Fair. This is a very auspicious ceremony for the locals of Manizales.

The events and activities also being held in the Manizales fair, while the beautiful delegates performed well with grace. The divas looked absolutely stunning while being involved in those activities. During the activities being held in the events being hosted in the Manizales fair, the divas are being titled with different awards which uplifted their spirits.

On 7th January 2020, Panama’s Britani Osbourne was awarded the ‘Reina de la Policía’ title while Colombia’s Valentina Duarte was elected ‘Virreina de la Policía’.


Reinado Internacional del café 2020 Special Awards


After that, recently in a Swimwear parade, organized from the Bosque Popular El Prado water complex, the beautiful delegates of Reinado Internacional del café 2020 paraded in their swimsuits, showcasing their best designs. They walked effortlessly as they moved forward in grace and fearlessly rocked the ramp.

While the parade was there, different awards were also given to the divas. La Señorita Venezuela Alessandra Sánchez Cardola won the best in smile, while La Señorita Colombia Valentina Amor Galvis won the best in hair and La señorita Bolivia Valentina Pérez Medina won the best in legs. The beauties looked happy while they received the titles.


Valentina Amor Galvis Reinado Internacional del Café Colombia 2020


This year’s coronation night of Reinado Internacional del café is set to take place on 11th January 2020 where Scarlett Sánchez Pinedo of Colombia will crown her successor. Till then do stay tuned to know the latest happening of the pageant with us.

Congratulations to the divas!