Reinado de El Salvador 2020 Top 4 Hot Picks

27 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Reinado de El Salvador is all set to host its 2020 edition as the organization has chosen eleven stunning ladies who will compete at the national pageant and win the chance to represent El Salvador at Miss Universe 2020. The organization will also crown its representatives to Miss World 2020 and Reina Hispanoamericana 2020.

We have selected our favorites who we think have the potential to win the title and represent El Salvador at the international stages. Without further ado, let’s look at the divas:

Diana Calderon

Originally from Ilobasco, Diana is 28-years-old and has a degree in educational sciences with a specialty in English. She is passionate about modeling and aspires to represent the home country at international stage. The diva admires the First Lady of the Republic Gabriela de Bukele, as she strongly believes that as a woman, she has shown a great role in front of the country, carrying out works of great contribution and that involve the children who are the future of the country. Diana loves cameras and in her free time she performs vlogs and tutorials on her own YouTube channel. Diana is one of the major fan favorites for the title as she has shown immense dedication and focused towards winning.


Diana Caldero´n


Kenia Rivas

Originally from San Salvador, Kenia is 24-years-old and has graduated as a pastry chef from Lebouquet in 2018 and aspires to open a dessert business along with her parents. She is very dedicated and focused towards performing her best at the competition and securing a high position at the end of the event finale. She is beautiful, confident, and positive woman who wants to make it big in the world and believes that nothing comes easy and everyone must work hard for their dreams. She likes to travel and her social media is full of her stunning travel pictures. Kenia has emerged as one of the delegates who is a front-runner position for the title.


Kenia Rivas


Levi Toney

Originally from in San Vicente, Levi is 26-years-old and has earned her cabin crew diploma and is currently studying for a degree in physical education and sports. Levi is strong, confident, and determined towards her goal which is to win the crown and represent El Salvador at international stage. She works with a team of teachers of the basketball initiation school in order to make a difference in the lives of children. Levi is a great orator and shows immense dedication towards the title which is why she is one of the favorites for representing the country at international stage.


Levi Toney


Vanessa Velasquez

Originally from San Salvador, Vanessa is 24-years-old and has graduated with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. She is a professional model as she was the first Salvadoran representative for the region of a prestigious international footwear brand when she was 16-years- old. Vanessa has also worked as a content creator for brands such as Dior and Lancome and is fluent in three languages. The diva keeps herself busy with culinary arts that also relaxes her a lot. She is very focused towards winning the title and for that she keeps herself busy with reading about the subject, instructs herself and learns new trends, their transpositions, and conceptualizations. She is beautiful, confident, and surely one of the mega favorites for the title.


Vanessa Vela´squez

(Photo Credits: Reinado De El Salvador/ Caceres Photography)