Former Miss Universe Malaysia Sabrina Beneett breaks silence on years of harassment and stalking

14 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Being a public figure, always in scrutiny, there is so much that a person can go though, specially knowing the dark side to the industry. Former Miss Universe Malaysia Sabrina Beneett, in a shocking revelation, broke her silence as she shared her horrific story of being harassed and stalked by a man that, what she assumed at first, was a ‘well-wisher’.



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She took to her official social media as she wrote, “I should have done this a long time ago but after 4+ long years of being harassed by a psychopath, I’ve decided I will no longer tolerate any more of it. This has to end now. So many of my close friends and family members have also been victimised by this same person for no apparent reason. We think his motive may be to have a cheap ride to some form of fame which is why I’ve refused to shed any attention to this in the past. If you have been victimised by this person, do not ignore it, screenshot those messages and send them to me. It’s time for this cyber bully to face the repercussions of his actions.”

For Sabrina, the harasser was not exactly a stranger. He was someone who used to date a girl that studied with her so there were instances that Sabrina saw him around college staring from afar while waiting for his then girlfriend. Sabrina explained that they never interacted before that until one night, back in 2013, after she had won one of the titles in a local pageant, the harasser came up to her to congratulate her.



A post shared by Sabrina Beneett (@sabby_bee)


The problem began when she turned him down once and he became persistent. “He started professing words of love and how he is the only man I should ever consider being with,” Sabrina said. A few messages turned into hundreds of messages a day although she had sternly said no.

After she blocked him, he created fake accounts and started re-sharing her pictures. He also reached out to her sisters, circle of close girlfriends, friends, colleagues and acquaintances on social media. If this was not enough, he began stalking her as well. The harasser would name the places he saw her at and could also name the friends she was with and what she was wearing, despite being cautious not to tag her location whenever she is out.

If this was not enough, he even got a tattoo of her name. “The harasser has been relentless and persisted over the course of more than four years and I do not see a sign of him stopping”, she said.

Now, Sabrina is worried for her safety once the media hype dies down. “Everyone will forget about my story, but I will have to continue living with caution and anxiety. It is not right that the law and enforcement in this country is not able to perform its function to protect me. Since I have chosen to go down this path, I cannot stop my pursuit of justice until this matter is given light by lawmakers and enforcers alike,” she said in an interview.