Maria Fernanda Aristizábal crowned Señorita Colombia 2020

12 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

The 67th edition of Señorita Colombia, i.e. Señorita Colombia 2019-20, was held yesterday night, in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where Maria Fernanda Aristizábal was crowned Senorita Colombia 2020. Señorita Colombia 2019 Gabriela Tafur Nader, from Valle, delivered the crown and royal jewels to her successor. On this occasion, the event celebrated its 85 years of existence. Now, Maria Fernanda Aristizábal will represent the country in Miss Universe 2020 next year.

This year’s batch comprised of 22 confident and smart ladies competing for Miss Señorita Colombia 2019-2020, where Maria bested them all and marked her victorious win in the national competition. They made history, once again, through beauty, where Colombia shines in the essence of its women.


Maria Fernanda Aristizábal crowned Señorita Colombia 2020


Mariana Jaramillo Córdoba was born in Barranquilla on and is 21 years of age and is a student of International Relations at the Universidad del Norte where she was awarded the Caribbean Pride Scholarship. What has cost the most of her preparation is to leave the candy. Her nationality is a mixture of the Caribbean and Antioquia. Maria Fernanda Aristizábal was also there in our Top 8 Hot Picks of Angelopedia. The newly crowned queen’s court included –

National Viceroy – Maria Alejandra Salazar Miss Huila

First Princess – Paula Jiménez García Miss Miss Antioquia

Second Princess – Mariana Jaramillo Miss Caribbean Region

Third Princess – Valentina Aldana Dorado Miss Cauca


Maria Fernanda Aristizábal crowned Señorita Colombia 2020


Along with the winner and her court, the semi-finalists also included Miss Atlantic 2020 Claudette Abuchaibe Sabogal, Miss Bogotá DC 2020 Adriana Lucía Rugeles Reyes, Miss Cesar 2020 Kathleen Giseth Mariño Badillo, Miss North of Santander 2020 Natalia Manrique Aguilar and Miss Valle 2020 Valentina Cardona Rincon.

An accomplished panel of jury was there to assess the performance of the delegates which included Antonio Androutsos: Panamanian businessman, of Greek origin, Cibeles de Freitas: Social communicator, public relations and Panamanian media training, Joaquín De La Guardia: Panamanian financial advisor, Davide Russo: Italian businessman and the Colombian public through votes on the website.


Maria Fernanda Aristizábal crowned Señorita Colombia 2020


The special awards were as follows –

Best Handmade Costum – Miss Huila - María Alejandra Salazar Rojas

Best partner Miss Santander - Paula Camila Gualdrón Villareal

Healthy body – Miss Quindío - María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea

Queen of the Police – Miss Quindío - María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea

Miss Elegance Primatela – Miss Bogotá DC - Adriana Lucía Rugeles Reyes

Miss Punctuality Bulova – Miss Magdalena - Luisa Fernanda Cotes Ospino

Miss Social Networks Bulova – Miss Caribbean Region - Mariana Jaramillo Córdoba

Royal Shoe – Miss Magdalena - Luisa Fernanda Cotes Ospino

Note face – Miss North of Santander - Natalia Manrique Aguilar

Congratulations to the winners!