Señorita Panama 2018 has begun its search for a new Queen!

13 Apr 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Panama 2018 aka Senorita Panama 2018 has begun its search for the next reigning queens for Panama who will represent their country at the upcoming Miss Universe 2018, Miss World 2018, Miss Earth 2018 and Miss International 2018. Senorita Panama 2017 Laura de Sanctis will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Panama has not yet won any crown at Miss World Pageant as well as Miss Earth Pageant. The only two crowns that Panama has won were Miss Universe in 2002 and Miss International in 1998.


Miss Panama 2018 has begun its search for a new Queen!

(Photo Credit - Laura Sofia De Sanctis)

Senorita Panama 2018 is one of the most coveted beauty pageants in the country. Here are the official candidated vying for the title of Señorita Panamá 2018 - 

Señorita Chiriquí 2018 - Kiara Sang

Señorita Panama West 2018 - Karla Rivas

Señorita Panama Center 2018 - Shirel Ortíz

Señorita Chiriqui West 2018 - Astrid Juarez  

Señorita Panama East 2018 -Nohelys González

Señorita Panamá Norte 2018 - Ahyemeis Henriquez

Señorita Colón 2018 - Naomi Mena 

Señorita Los Santos 2018 - Andrea Valeria Batista Escudero

Senorita Bocas Del Toro 2018 - Khadine Anays Barria Herrera

Señorita Veraguas 2018 - Selena Gomez

Señorita Herrera 2018 - Solaris Barba 

Señorita Isla San Jose 2018 - Diana Lemos 

Señorita Isla Flamenco 2018 - Ana Gabriela Garcia

Señorita Cocle 2018 - Nicole Castillero 

Señorita Isla Del Rey 2018  - Katherina Rios

Señorita Comarcas 2018 - Rosa Montezuma 

Señorita Contadora 2018 - Yasmeira Bennett 

Señorita Darien 2018 - Hillary Hernandez

Señorita Isla Barro Colorado I2018 - Gloribeth Savedra

Senorita Panama Taboga 2018 - Zunilda Del Valle


Newly appointed director Cesar Anel Rodriguez also talked about the selection and contest Miss Panama 2018, for TV Mordida –