Shauny Bult to represent Netherlands at Miss Grand International 2015

17 Jun 2015 | Angelopedia

Shauny Bult hailing from Boxtel in North Brabant, Netherlands has been selected to represent Netherlands at the Miss Grand International 2015 pageant. During her childhood days, Shawnee used to play Tennis and has been a champion of the Southern Netherlands twice.

The 23 year old model is a student of Built Environment and Real Estate from Boxtel. Shawny is no newcomer to the pageantry world and has already participated at the Miss Earth 2012 pageant and the Miss International 2014 pageant. Her first ever pageant where she got recognition was the Miss Brabant pageant in 2012, where she was placed third.

Miss Grand International pageant initiated in the year 2013 and Shauny will be the third delegate from Nederland to compete at the pageant. Her predecessors are the beautiful Talisa Wolters and Francis Everduim who represented the Netherlands in 2013 and 2014. For Talisa Wolters, who was among the top 20 finalists of Miss Grand International 2013, got a career kick from the pageant. Miss Grand International pageant proved to be the beginning of a flourishing pageant career for Talisa, who further went to many national and international pageants.


Miss Grand Nederlands 2015 Shauny Bult