From Self-Doubt to Crowned Confidence: Sonal Kukreja's Inspiring Journey to Miss Supranational India 2024

22 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

In a testament to resilience and determination, Sonal Kukreja, hailing from India, is set to grace the global stage as she prepares to represent her nation at the prestigious Miss Supranational competition. Her journey, marked by personal challenges and triumphant growth, serves as an inspiration to many.

At just 8 years old, Sonal wrestled with self-doubt, a struggle vividly recalled in her heartfelt message to her younger self. Overcoming these inner battles, she transformed into a headstrong woman fueled by unwavering perseverance. Today, she stands proud, embodying the spirit of a nation that celebrates diversity and strength.


Sonal Kukreja


"I vividly remember days when all I wanted to do was to not be me and now I get celebrated for just that," Sonal reminisced, acknowledging the transformation from doubt to celebration of self. Her journey to the Miss Supranational platform has been paved with challenges and doubts, each hurdle conquered reinforcing her belief that dreams, with steadfast determination, do come true.

With the weight of a billion hearts behind her, Sonal credits her family, mentors, and friends as pillars of strength who propelled her forward. Their unwavering support fortified her resolve to pursue her dreams relentlessly.

"As I stand on the brink of representing India at Miss Supranational, my heart swells with pride and gratitude," Sonal expressed, reflecting on the upcoming milestone. Her journey has demanded resilience and authenticity, values she holds dear as guiding lights through the highs and lows of her path.


Sonal Kukreja


The road to Miss Supranational has been paved with moments of growth and self-discovery, each step reaffirming Sonal's commitment to staying true to herself and her aspirations. With "INDIA" emblazoned across her heart, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to showcase the cultural richness and beauty of her homeland on a global stage.

"This is for you, India. I’m ready, we’re ready! Let’s make our nation proud!" Sonal proclaimed passionately, embodying the spirit of unity and national pride.

As she prepares to don the sash representing her country, Sonal Kukreja's journey stands as a testament to courage, perseverance, and the transformative power of self-belief. Her story resonates beyond borders, inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace their journey and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.