The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018

27 Sep 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The grand coronation of Miss Hellas 2018/ Star Hellas 2018/ Miss Young 2018 will be held on 30th September 2018 where 18 contestants will be competing for the national title. The event will select Greece’s representatives to Miss World 2018 and Miss Universe 2018.

The winner of Star Hellas 2018 will represent Greece in Miss Universe 2018. The first runner-up will succeed Miss World Greece 2017 Theodora Soukia and represent the nation in Miss World 2018. But before the finale, Angelopedia has selected the Top 7 candidates who are most likely to win the pageant and represent Greece in Miss World 2018 and Miss Universe 2018. These contestants are –

Maria Eleni Voulgari


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Maria is 22 years of age and studied Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Art History in the University of Patras. She is a model and has walked in many fashion shows. Maria makes it a point to keep herself fit and healthy. She has a petite frame and legs for days.

Maria will surely woo the judges during the finale, as being a theatre artist she has the stage presence and the practice to present herself appropriately, and added to that her beauty will not go unnoticed.


Katerina Zanna


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Katerina is 26 years of age from Thessaloniki, Greece. She is multilingual with the ability to speak English, Spanish and Castellano, apart from her mother tongue. Professionally, she is a surveyor, cartographer as well as an Engineer. Katerina is a gym freak and is very passionate about music. She is also in yachting.

Katerina has all the makings of a true beauty queen as she has the beauty and the brains for it. From her bone structure to the posture of her body, she is perfectly balanced. Katerina will surely give her competitors a tough competition.


Maria Lepida


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Maria is 20 years of age won the title of Miss Peloponnese 2018 before qualifying for Star Hellas 2018. She is bilingual as she can fluently speak Greek as well as English. Maria is a complete beach babe and she can often be seen wearing bikinis in beaches.

Maria has a very beautiful and sculpted face, she truly looks like a Greek goddess and will easily mesmerize the audience and the judges in the finale.


Ioanna Bella


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Ioanna is 22 years of age and comes from Véroia, Greece which is her hometown. She is a Makeup artist and aesthetic who is currently residing in the capital of Greece, Athens. Ioanna is also a model and with her extraordinary height, she will certainly stand out in the finale.

Ioanna has a very sultry look in general, which works out perfectly for her modeling career. She has also donned the cover of Elle magazine. She is already established in the modeling world and has the stage presence to carry herself in front of a massive audience.


Alexandra Papagianni


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Alexandra is 20 years of age and has completed her schooling from 4th General Lyceum of Veria. She is a model who is originally from Véroia, Greece but is currently living in Thessaloníki. Alexandra works with the modeling agency Team Model Management.

Alexandra has a beautifully chiseled body which makes it evident that she likes to stay fit and healthy. She has a great sense of fashion which reflects in her social media. Alexandra is going to win the hearts of the audience as well as the judges.


Katerina Pasalari


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Katerina is 20 years of age from Chaniá, Greece. She is a model and works with the agency Cristi Academy – Heraklion. Katerina is a make-up artist. She also knows how to play the piano and has studied at the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Department of Popular Music and Traditional Music Studies.

Katerina is currently residing in Heraklion, Greece. She is a beautiful belle with a very attractive face and beautiful eyes. Katerina is no stranger to the pageant world as she won the title of Miss Kriti in 2016 as well as 2017. She will easily strike a chord with the judges and audience as she has the experience.


Xaritinh Fitsalou


The Seven Stars of Star Hellas 2018


Xaritinh is 25 years of age who is from Kastro, Greece. She is a runway model who studied in Gymnasio-Lyceum of Neochori. Xaritinh is particularly fond of ice cream and loves to eat in general.

Xaritinh has a flawless face with healthy skin and beautiful eyes. Along with that she is athletically fit and healthy which means that she takes proper care to maintain her figure. She will certainly make her mark in the finale and enchant everyone with her beauty.

Angelopedia wishes all the contestants the very best for the finale.