Steffi Aberasturi to follow in the footsteps of Gazini Christiana Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019?

14 Jan 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Steffi Aberasturi crowned her successor at Binibining Cebu 2020 yesterday night at the coronation after completing a successful year of reign. The stunning beauty from Cebu has proven time and again that she is meant for this pageant world even though she is yet to participate in a major national pageant to gain the right to represent her country at an international platform.

If Steffi will follow in the huge footsteps of Gazini Christiana Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019 is still unknown but one thing is sure that she is definitely an able individual to fill in the big shoes. Prior to Binibining Cebu, Stefii held the titles of Miss Beauche International 2015, Reyna ng Aliwan 2014, Miss Mandaue 2013, Miss IPI 2012, Miss Sinulog 2011.



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Steffi has always been very attached to nature and people from different walks of life which shaped her heart into a passion that she always carries with her. Since then, Steffi has been doing charitable works with a dream to be able to touch the hearts of the many. Steffi also believes in God’s timing and always appreciates how her life has turned out to be.

A woman of character and personality, Steffi’s idea of a beauty queen is someone who draws attention to worthy causes. With her beauty, she radiates confidence in serving as an inspiration to women, showing them that they too can push for advocacies they believe in and help spread awareness to spark change.



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Steffi’s advocacy works on promoting Philippines’ culture. Hers is an advocacy that comes with dual purpose: one is to keep the tradition of weaving alive and the other is to give weavers profitable opportunities while they pursue their crafts. “Weaving promotes our history, our culture. I want to revive that age-old tradition and let the weavers see the true value of their crafts, and give them, especially women, opportunities to learn and to generate income,” she explains.

An absolute strong contender for the crown, Steffi sure should participate in Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and represent her country at the prestigious stage of Miss Universe 2020.