Stevanie Tawana Sheldrick crowned Miss Elite Indonesia 2024

28 May 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

In a ceremony that captured the essence of beauty and grace, Stevanie Tawana Sheldrick was crowned Miss Elite Indonesia 2024, stealing the hearts of judges and spectators alike. With elegance and poise, Stevanie outshone her competitors, showcasing not only her outer beauty but also her intelligence and charisma.

The title of Miss Elite Indonesia is not merely about physical appearance, it's a celebration of inner strength, confidence, and the ability to inspire others. Stevanie embodies all these qualities effortlessly. Her journey to the crown is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination.



As the new ambassador of Indonesian beauty and culture, Stevanie Tawana Sheldrick promises to use her platform to uplift and empower her fellow Indonesians. With grace and humility, she aims to address pressing issues and bring about positive change in society.



The coronation of Stevanie Tawana Sheldrick marks a new chapter in the history of Miss Elite Indonesia, one filled with hope, promise, and endless possibilities. As she embarks on this remarkable journey, she carries with her the dreams and aspirations of a nation, ready to leave an indelible mark on the world stage.