Our Favourites from Binibining Pilipinas 2024 Swimsuit Round

04 Jun 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

The Binibining Pilipinas 2024 pageant reached new heights of glamour and excitement during its highly anticipated swimsuit round. Held at the Araneta Coliseum on June 3, the event showcased the country's most beautiful and confident women in a dazzling display of poise and elegance. Each contestant graced the stage in vibrant, custom-designed swimwear that highlighted their unique perosnalities and stunning physiques.

The atmosphere was electric as the audience cheered for their favorites, while the judges faced the daunting task of selecting the standout performers. The swimsuit round is a critical component of the competition, testing not only the contestants' physical fitness but also their confidence and stage presence. This year's participants did not disappoint, embodying the essence of beauty, grace, and empowerment that Binibining Pilipinas is renowned for.


Corrine San Pedro

An emerging talent in the beauty pageant circuit, Corrine is known for her elegance and poise on stage. She has captivated audiences with her charm and confident demeanor.



Shaira Rona

A dedicated beauty queen, Shaira has participated in several pageants, earning accolades for her graceful walk and engaging personality. She stands out for her strong presence and commitment to advocacy work.



Jasmin Denise Dingson

Jasmin has made a name for herself in beauty pageants with her striking features and intelligence. She is celebrated for her articulate responses during Q&A segments and her advocacy for women's empowerment.



Kim De Luna

A seasoned pageant contestant, Kim has consistently impressed judges with her beauty and stage presence. Her dedication to the craft of pageantry is evident in her polished performances and community involvement.



Sheryl Velez

Sheryl's journey in beauty pageants is marked by her radiant smile and engaging personality. She has garnered attention for her commitment to promoting health and wellness.



Roella Frias

She Known for her classic beauty and graceful style, Roella has been a standout contestant in numerous pageants. Her ability to connect with the audience and judges has earned her several titles.



Jasmin Bungay

Jasmin is a dynamic beauty pageant contestant who combines her stunning looks with a powerful voice for social causes. She is recognized for her confidence and ability to inspire others.



Trisha Martinez

Trisha has charmed many in the beauty pageant scene with her elegance and intelligence. Her participation in pageants is complemented by her advocacy for environmental conservation.



Ma. Flordeliz Mabao

Flordeliz, often referred to as "Liz," is known for her captivating beauty and philanthropic efforts. Her performance in beauty pageants is distinguished by her poise and dedication to charitable causes.



Myrna Esguerra

Myrna has gained recognition in the beauty pageant world for her timeless beauty and sophistication. Her journey is marked by her strong commitment to promoting education and empowerment for young women.



These remarkable contenders not only embodied beauty and strength but also set a high bar for the competition ahead. The excitement for the next rounds is palpable as these queens continue to shine.