Miss Earth 2015 winners Enjoying their Reign

16 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

The Earth Warriors seems to be enjoying their reign as the new queens. The elemental queens along with the reigning Miss Earth, Angelia Ong have been doing startling photo shoots as well as meeting significant issues related to Mother Earth. Let’s have a glimpse to the duties and responsibilities of the newly crowned Earth Warriors of 2015!

The newly crowned Miss Earth, Angelia Ong just finished an incredibly prolific and consequential meeting with UNIDO at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The beauty queen opined: “I am so excited to be the first Miss Earth to sit down with them and talk about how we can help each other towards making a difference especially with the environment. I have always believed the United Nations is the perfect organization to be in touch with to spread our cause. We in Miss Earth are as serious and as passionate of our respective advocacies, but at the end of the day, we all have a common goal and that is to make this world a better place where we can dream and make those dreams a reality. A place where peace, respect, love, and nature are in harmony for a better future. This is attainable only when we work together. Like I said, ‘We will because we can’.”


Miss Earth 2015 winners are Enjoying their Reign


Subsequent to the meeting with UNIDO, Miss Earth with her elemental queens attended a special meeting with the President of Austria where they were found discussing the vital issues of environment and alarming threats which could hamper the serenity of Mother Earth. The panel tried to come up with many notable prevention measures, which would be practiced accordingly in the coming days.

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Thereafter, the Earth Warriors gave their first group photoshoot after their crowning. The theme of the photoshoot revolved around the Earthly Attributes of the reigning queens and the shot was captured by the ace photographer, Miyu Haydn. Another group photoshoot was carried out by Alex List wherein the reigning queens were found donning the attires of La La Nhut Hong in Vienna Hilton Plaza.

With those conspicuous events and photo shoots, it is evident that there is lot more startling to come as the days pass by! The reign of the Earth Warriors have just begun, there are lot more dazzling events on the way!