Miss World Italy 2015 Top 15 Favourites

13 Jun 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Mondo Italia 2015 (also known as Miss World Italy 2015) finals are scheduled to be held tonight at the Teatro Italy Gallipoli. Fifty fiery hot contestants from all over Italy have been shortlisted to compete for the coveted crown of Miss World Italy 2015. To watch the Italian beauties compete for the envious crown and the prestigious honour of representing Italy at the Miss World 2015, will be a delight to the viewers. Amidst all the photoshoots, preliminary competitions and all other pre pageant activities, Angelopedia has shortlisted its top 15 hot favourites for the pageant, based on popular fan votings and as analysed by pageant experts. Let’s take a look at the fifteen beauties who made it to our Top 15 hot picks, listed below randomly…


Miss Mundo Italia 2015 contestants


Serena Petralia – First on the lists is 17 years old, Serena Petralia hailing from Sicilia. Her plus points – Killer attitude and a photogenic face.

Giulia Belmonte – Moving on to the next contender, we have 20 years old Giulia Belmonte hailing from Abruzzo. Her plus points – Confident stance and just the perfect touch of attitude.

Giulia Ardito – Next on the lists is 21 year old Giulia Ardito hailing from Sicilia. Her plus points – She has the ideal jawline and a perfectly sculpted model like facecut.


Contestants Miss Mundo Italia 2015


Elisa Muriale – Moving on to our next favourite, we have 20 year old Elisa Muriale hailing from Piemonte. Her plus points – Elisa holds a childlike charm and a chirpy personality which makes her look all adorable.

Ilaria Maglione – Next in line is 18 year old, Ilaria Maglione hailing from Abruzzo. Her plus points – She is the complete package, with good looks and soft delicate gorgeous facial features.

Federica Frioli – Moving on to the next delegate, we have 17 years old Federica Frioli hailing from Marche. Her plus points – Her model like features and a sculpted perfectly edged face.


Miss World Italy 2015 copntestants


Jennifer Casula – Next contestant is 17 year old Jennifer Casula hailing from Emilia Romagna. Her plus points – a slender body with just the right tad of exuding class and poise.

Maddalena Manganiello – Next contestant to don our top 15 list is 22 year old Maddalena Manganiello hailing from Valle d’Aosta. Her plus point – She is a natural beauty. She is the kind of beauty that reminds you of the  fresh morning dew.

Maura Loffarelli – Let’s check out the next contestant who is 18 years old Maura Loffarelli hailing from Basilicata. Her plus points – Her strong appealing features and high cheek bones are her best traits.


Contestants Miss World Italy 2015


Serena Matteo – Moving onto the next contestant we have 20 year old Serena Matteo hailing from Molise. Her plus points – Her strong jawlines and her graceful smile are her best features.

Giorgia Cimbasso – Meet the next contender for the top 15 race… 17 year old Giorgia Cimbasso hailing from Puglia. Her plus points – Her beautiful face, elongated almond eyes and above all her drop dead gorgeous smile.

Erica De Matteis – Next in line for Top 15 is 21 years Erica De Matteis hailing from Lazio. Her plus points – Her luscious lips and adorably delicate features.


Miss World Italy 2015 Contestants


Rachele Risaliti – Let’s meet the next contestant who donned our Top 15 list, 20 year old Rachele Risaliti hailing from Toscana. Her plus points – She holds a naïve fresh appeal to her beauty which exudes a peaceful charm.

Greta Galassi – Next in line is 17 year old Greta Galassi hailing from Trentino Alto Adige. Her plus points – Greta with her bubbly charm and delightful features holds vivid chances of making it to the finals.

Valeria Gaggiano – Last but not the least we have 24 year old Valeria Gaggiano hailing from Puglia. Her plus points – Valeria is the perfect “Oh My Gosh She is Beautiful” kind of beauty with exuding poise.

These were our Top 15 favourites of Miss Mundo Italia 2015 pageant. Who do you think will be crowned as the next Miss World Italy 2015? Who is your favourite?