Mcarlina Bonilla and Angelina Santarossa Resign from Miss Universe Costa Rica 2024

02 Jul 2024 | Irina Silva

The Miss Universe Costa Rica competition, a highly anticipated event in the beauty pageant world, has faced unexpected turbulence with the resignation of two remarkable contestants. The announcement has sent ripples through the pageant community, marking a significant shift in the lineup for the crown.

On June 11th, Mcarlina Bonilla, a vibrant and talented contestant, made the difficult decision to step down from the competition. Mcarlina Bonilla, known for her grace and dedication, had been a frontrunner in the pageant, capturing the hearts of fans and judges alike. Her departure came as a shock to many who admired her poise and potential to win the coveted title. While the reasons behind her resignation remain private, Mcarlina Bonilla expressed gratitude for the support she received during her journey and wished her fellow contestants the best of luck.


Mcarlina Bonilla and Angelina Santarossa Resign from Miss Universe Costa Rica 2024


Another stunning candidate, Angelina Santarossa, followed suit by announcing her resignation from the competition. Angelina, a charismatic and passionate participant, had also been a favorite in the contest. Her decision to leave has left fans and organizers stunned, as she had been seen as a strong contender for the Miss Universe Costa Rica crown. Angelina's departure underscores the emotional and physical demands of such high-stakes competitions, and she emphasized the importance of prioritizing her well-being in her statement to the media.

The Miss Universe Costa Rica organization expressed their disappointment over the resignations but extended their support and understanding to both Mcarlina Bonilla and Angelina. The departures of these two outstanding candidates highlight the challenges and pressures faced by participants in the pageant world.

As the competition moves forward, the remaining contestants are more determined than ever to showcase their talents, intelligence, and beauty. The unexpected exits of Mcarlina Bonilla and Angelina Santarossa have certainly reshaped the dynamics of the Miss Universe Costa Rica pageant, setting the stage for an intense and captivating race to the crown.