Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta harassed on the streets of Kolkata

19 Jun 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta was traveling in a taxi with her colleague on 17th June 2019 at night when she was attacked by a gang of 15 biker boys on the streets of Kolkata. The incident took place at around 11:40 pm when she booked an Uber from JW Marriott Kolkata to go back home from work.

As soon as the taxi with Ushoshi and her colleague in it took a left turn from the Exide crossing towards Elgin, few boys riding on a bike hit their taxi and stopped it. The boys then ganged up around the taxi and started banging on the windows of the taxi. In no time, there were around 15 boys surrounding their taxi.


Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta harassed on the streets of Kolkata


The mob of 15 boys dragged the driver out and started beating him up. Ushoshi right after this stepped out of the taxi and started yelling while she kept recording the incident. She ran across the street to Maidan police station and asked the police to help but they refused her saying that the particular area did not fall under them but under the jurisdiction of Bhawanipore Police station. Ushoshi further begged them to help and accompany her, Police officers then went with her and held the guys but they managed to escape the officers by pushing them.

By then it was 12:00 am and she requested the driver to drop her and her colleague home but the horror didn’t end there! To her shock 6 of the 15 boys on 3 bikes followed her till her colleague’s house. They again stopped their car and dragged the beauty queen out of the taxi to delete their incriminating video. As soon as she was dragged out of the taxi, she started yelling which made the locals come out.


Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta harassed on the streets of Kolkata

(Photo Credits: Ushoshi Sengupta Instagram Official)

Former Miss Universe India was unable to file an FIR till 1:30 am and was just being strolled from one police station to another, she eventually lost her cool and yelled at the sub inspector at Charu Market police station. After seeing her furious, the sub inspector raised a lot of questions and finally took her complain but refused to take the Uber driver’s complain. Ushoshi also mentioned that there was no female police officers present at the time of her complain.

After former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta shared this incident on her Facebook. The post immediately went viral with being shared more than 1,800 times and with more than 1,400 people reacting to it.

This post raised a lot of questioning targeting the authenticity of Kolkata Police, to which Kolkata Police responded in a tweet stating, “We have taken this incident very seriously and seven persons have been arrested so far. On the order of the Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, an inquiry regarding the non-registration of F.I.R. has been initiated into this incident, at a very senior level."