Filipina beauty queen Vickie Marie Rushton is now a Philippine Navy Reservist

01 Nov 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

After bidding adieu to her pageant journey, Vickie Marie Rushton has started a new chapter in her life. The Filipina is now a Philippine Navy Reservist, a huge honor and responsibility for her and her country.

To make it official, HM2 Vickie Marie Milagrosa S Rushton,PN(Res) took to her official social media as she wrote, “I know, for sure, that it is always easier said than done but what is worth doing to have a meaningful and purposeful life is inevitably challenging. This is waaay out of my comfort zone. I have discovered many things about myself and one of which is my strength. I’ve always believed that there was something bigger and greater for me. After some closed doors, I’ve been contemplating on what to do next. I think we are all seeking the same thing - our life’s purpose.”



“This is by far the highest and most meaningful achievement I received in my life. Honestly, I just wanted to work with different organizations where I can help and serve but who would have thought that I will be a full-fledged Philippine Navy Reservist? Thank you, Lord, for giving us all the strength to keep going and continue what we have started. Thank you for surrounding us with the right people to guide, help, and teach us.”

She also thanked her CD, ACD, DI’s, and everyone at NRCen-NCR, her batchmates and her husband. She also thanked her family for not doubting her. Just last September, she and Jason got married. We wish her congratulations and all the best of her journey.