World Top Model 2019 Schedule of Events

12 Dec 2019 | Angelique Reyes

World Top Model 2019 is all set to be held on 14th December 2019 at Fairmont, Monte Carlo. In the 29th edition, there will be 50 delegates from five continents that have previously competed and won in their respective country’s national contest organized around the world. The objective of the event is to highlight the importance the Model plays in fashion industry and in doing so pay homage to Beauty and to Fashion. 

Just as its previous year, World Top Model intended to renew its already existing vacation and decided to put emphasis on beauty by setting the date of this extraordinary event of fashion world from 11th to 14th December 2019. World Top Model chose Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco as it is known as a playground for the rich and famous. This event can serve as an exclusive opportunity for the fashion world to get together; stylists, photographers, agencies, media, makeup artists, hair-dressers and other fashion players.


World Top Model 2019 Schedule of Events


During the week of the event, inspired by the vocation of the city of Monte Carlo as an ideal backdrop for fashion productions, World Top Model 2019 will organize various video and photo shoots for the models, parties and events which will help the candidates interact with each other and have a great time. Every moment of the event organized by the World Top Model organization will be filmed of the creation of a video that will be distributed to broadcasting media in all involved countries around the world.

The schedule of World Top Model is put down as follows:

11th December 2019:

Arrival of the Worldwide Contestants and Staff

Check-in in hotel- 2:00 PM/ 7:00 PM

World Top Model Welcome Party- 9:00 PM

12th December 2019:

Tour of the Principality of Monaco – 10:00 AM/ 1:00 PM

Model Casting at Major Model with Guido Dolci- 5:00 PM

Special Party Dinner in Monte Carlo- 8:30 PM

13th December 2019:

Dress Rehearsals- 10:00AM/ 11:00 AM

Model Photo and Videoclip Shooting- 5:00 PM

Red Carpet Media Coverage

Special Party Dinner in Monte Carlo- 8:30 PM

14th December 2019:

Dress Rehearsals in Hotel- 10:00 AM/ 1:00 PM

Fairmont location Hair and Makeup and Final Fittings- 2:30 PM

General Choreographed Rehearsals and TV- 5:00 PM

World Top Model Event Presentation- 8:00PM

Presentation of the Finalist Models- 8:30 PM

Introduction of the models and the Winner of the World Top Model 2019- 10:30PM

After Party- 11:00PM