Miss Bolivia 2019 : Info

Miss Bolivia 2019 will host its grand coronation on 6th July 2019 at the Sirionó de la FexPo, in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra where 22 contestants will compete for the national crown and the winner will go on to represent Bolivia in Miss Universe 2019.

While 30 contestants were supposed to fight for the national crown, but due to the concept of elimination in the first stage, the national agency decided to eliminate the third representatives of Tarija, Beni, Cochabamba, Oruro and Potosi for not meeting the minimum requirements that the agency asked for. The contest also sends its representatives to Miss World, Miss Grand International, Miss International and Miss Supranational.

Here are the twenty two confirmed contestants competing for Miss Bolivia 2019 –

Fátima Alcazar (Age: 22 Years, Height: 172 cm)

María del Carmen Milán (Age: 17 Years, Height: 174 cm)

Natalia Carolina Paz Rojas (Age: 19 Years, Height: 176 cm)

Reachel Alison Torrez (Age: 26 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Valentina Medina Pérez (Age: 22 Years, Height: 176 cm)

Ana Maria Pereira Rosa (Age: 20 Years, Height: 179 cm)

Fernanda Maceda (Age: 24 Years, Height: 171 cm)

Andrea Terán (Age: 24 Years, Height: 166 cm)

Madahi Colque Durán (Age: 24 Years, Height: 175 cm)

Fabiana Ayaviri (Age: 17 Years, Height: 178 cm)

Fernanda Castedo Vaca Pereira (Age: 24 Years, Height: 180 cm)

Alexandra Cárdenas (Age: 25 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Fabiola Cespedes (Age: 26 Years, Height: 166 cm)

Diana Carlyle Cuellar Henrique (Age: 24 Years, Height: 171 cm)

Neyda Chuquimia (Age: 22 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Cleisy Capiona Rosendo (Age: 17 Years, Height: 166 cm)

Pamela Rene Caviedes Villavicencio (Age: 23 Years, Height: 169 cm)

Jhoselin Valery Mariscal Monzon (Age: 23 Years, Height: 168 cm)

Fabiana Hurtado Tarrazona (Age: 21 Years, Height: 170 cm)

Iciar Diaz Camacho (Age: 22 Years, Height: 172 cm)

Angélica Romero Montaño (Age: 18 Years, Height: 176 cm)

Kamile Antonette Crespo Tejerina (Age: 18 Years, Height: 170 cm)