Miss Earth Colombia 2017 : Info

Miss Earth Colombia 2017 finale was held on 1st September 2017 at Bogotá, Colombia where Juliana Franco was crowned as the new queen and became the official representative of Colombia in Miss Earth 2019. Juliana succeeds and was crowned by Miss Earth Colombia 2016 and Miss Earth Air 2016, Michelle Gómez.

Juliana Franco is 24 years of age and stands tall at 173 cm. She represented Sierra de Macarena at the event and has been receiving great appreciation in the modeling industry of Colombia. The newly crowned queen’s court included –

Miss Earth Colombia Air 2017 - Lizeth Mendieta Villanueva

Miss Earth Colombia Water 2017 - Alejandra Consuegra

Miss Earth Colombia Fire 2017 - Maria Camila Medrano

The other finalists announced at the coronation night were Isabel Rojas, Angelica Maria Caicedo, Hillary Andrea Ceballos, Vanessa Quintana, Valeria Mosquera Paredes and Flor Maria Orozco.

The ten contestants who competed for the Miss Earth Colombia 2017 crown were –

Isabel Rojas Miss Amacayacu 2017

Angelica Maria Caicedo Miss Catatumbo Barí 2017

Alejandra Consuegra Miss Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta 2017

Maria Camila Medrano Miss Corales del Rosario & San Bernardo 2017

Hillary Andrea Ceballos Miss Las Orquídeas 2017

Vanessa Quintana Miss Otún Quimbaya 2017

Lizeth Mendieta Villanueva Miss Serranía de Chiribiquete 2017

Juliana Franco Miss Sierra de la Macarena 2017

Valeria Mosquera Paredes Miss Sumapaz 2017

Flor Maria Orozco Miss Tatamá 2017