Miss Earth Colombia 2019 : Info

At the grand coronation night of Miss Earth Colombia 2019 held on 22nd August 2019 at Teatro ABC in Bogotá, Colombia, Yenny Katherine Carrillo was crowned the new queen as she became the official representative of Colombia in Miss Earth 2019. Miss Earth Colombia 2018 and Miss Earth Water 2018 Valeria Ayos Bossa crowned her successor at the end of the event finale.

Yenny Katherine Carrillo represented Cesar at the national contest. The 25 year-old has mesmerised everyone with her beauty who stands 177 cm tall. She is currently a student in her 10th semester of law at Manuela Beltrán University. Not new to the pageantry, she was also the 1st Runner up of the Miss Globe 2016.

The newly crowned queen’s elemental court included -

Miss Earth Colombia-Water 2019 - Betania Rojas Rincón Miss Earth Santander 2019 (Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2019)

Miss Earth Colombia-Air 2019 - María Carolina Quintero Miss Earth Magdalena 2019 (Miss Landscapes Colombia 2019)

Miss Earth Colombia-Fire 2019 - María Paula Castillo Miss Earth Nariño 2019 (Miss Panamerican Colombia 2019)

Betania Rojas Rincón who was a part of Top 2 as she was adjudged the first runner-up at the coronation night is also Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2019 as she will now represent her country in Miss Intercontinental 2019. She succeeds Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2018 Hillary Hollmann del Prado. The coronation night also saw in attendance Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khanh and Miss Earth Fire 2018 Melissa Flores.

The contestants who competed for Miss Earth Colombia 2019 are –

María Paula Castillo (Miss Volcán Galeras 2019 & Miss Earth Nariño 2019)

Tatiana Alexandra Carreño (Miss Valle del Cocora 2019 & Miss Earth Quindío 2019)

María Carolina Quintero (Miss Tayrona 2019 & Miss Earth Magdalena 2019)

Betania Rojas Rincón (Miss Serranía De Los Yariguíes 2019 & Miss Earth Santander 2019)

Alisson Juliana Marín Ortiz (Miss Nevado del Huila 2019 & Miss Earth Huila 2019)

Sofia Cuello (Miss Macuira 2019 & Miss Earth Guajira 2019)

Yenniffer Loaiza Zamora (Miss Los Nevados 2019 & Miss Earth Caldas 2019)

Yannis Herrera López (Miss Isla de Salamanca 2019 & Miss Earth Atlántico 2019)

Karen Díaz Casalins (Miss Golfo De Morrosquillo 2019 & Miss Earth Water Cesar 2019)

María Fernanda Cuesta Rodriguez (Miss Ensenada de Utría 2019 & Miss Earth Choco 2019)

Yenny Katherine Carrillo (Miss Catatumbo Barí 2019 & Miss Earth Cesar 2019)

Pola Ruiz (Miss Amacayacu 2019 & Miss Earth Amazonas 2019)

Angelitha Mejía Carvajal (Miss Serranía De Chiribiquete 2019 & Miss Earth Caquetá 2019)

Erika Yulieth Sánchez Rojas (Miss Páramo de Santurbán 2019 & Miss Earth Norte de Santander 2019)

Gina Aguirre (Miss Farallones De Cali 2019 & Miss Earth Valle 2019)

Katia Julio (Miss Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo 2019 & Miss Earth Bolívar 2019)