Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015 : Info

The finale of Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015 is scheduled to be held on January 31' 2016 in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The winners of Nuestra Belleza Mexico initially used to represent Mexico at the Miss Universe as well as Miss World pageant. But given from this year, the pageant will select representative for only Miss World pageant. The reason behind the change is because of the much popular Donald Trump incident regarding offensive statements against Mexico.

There are a total of 30 contestants competing for the crown this year. The thirty challengers are - Maria Gabriela Bonilla, Cynthia Paola Valdez, Dulce Vanessa Reyes, Ana Lilia Tovar, Celeste Espinoza Portillo, Ana Lucila Linaje, Giovanna Salazar García, Stephanie Karam Tovar, Viveck Nevarez Marín, Lucia Moreno Noriega, Samantha Pena Navarro, Susana Rentería Gonzalez, Nicktell Rodriguez Apodaca, Mariana Franco Anguiano, Magdalena Chipres Herrera, Rebeca Garavito Bergantinos, Geraldine Ponce Mendez, Naomi Mondragon Garza, Claudia Bravo Barradas, Lorena Chayban, Michelle Leon Lopez, Salma Sosa Herrera, Patricia de la Vega Zazueta, Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela, Tania Kirey Perez Quevedo, Kristal Silva Davila, Valeria Gongora Dorantes, Arely Espinosa Jimenez, Yaris Chaidez Zumaya and Eliana Villegas Arellano.

Wendolly Esparza from Aguascalientes and Yamelin Ramírez from Sonora will crown their successors at the end of the finale. The winner of Nuestra Belleza 2015 will further compete at the Miss World 2016 pageants.


Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015 Pageant Info