Miss World New Zealand 2017 : Info

Miss World New Zealand 2017 was held on 3rd June 2017. The finale concluded with the crowning of Annie Evans. Annie will now represent New Zealand at the Miss World 2017 pageant. Meghan Kenney finished as the first runner-up, and Michelle Isemonger as the second runner-up. 11 stunners competed for the coveted title this year, and the contestants were –

Meghan Kenney

Robynne Roodt

Claudia Long

Katie Atkinson

Annie Evans

Makayla Nicole Baker

Aysu Shahin

Satine Liu

Hadley Grace Robinson Lewis

Jessica Ralph Smith

Michelle Isemonger

This year Miss World New Zealand chose Project Hope as the organisation that supported in all charity work. The finalists geared up for the event by participating in various events and activities. The girls competed through a talent show, fitness training and learned other essential techniques to mar their way to the Miss World New Zealand 2017 finals.


Miss World New Zealand 2017