Miss Earth Peru 2015 : Info

Miss Earth Peru 2015 was held on 28 February 2015 at the Convention Center Costa Verde de Magdalena to select the country’s representative for Miss Earth 2015. Miss Earth Peru 2015 was the first ever edition of Miss Earth Peru. Zully Barrantes from Ucayali emerged as the winner amongst fourteen other beautiful ladies. Elba Fahsbender, Miss Earth Peru 2014 crowned Zully Barrantes as her successor. Zully Barrantes will now go on to represent Peru at the Miss Earth 2015.

The other elemental queens were as follows –

Miss Earth Fire Peru - Maria Carolina Salas from Cuzco

Miss Earth Water Peru - Sidney Estrada from Arequipa.

Miss Earth Air Peru - Janis Baluarte from Lima

Zully emerged as the deserving winner from the fourteen other contestants, here’s the list of fourteen contestants –

Cynthia Pamela Sanchez Silva from Amazonas

Sidney Estrada from Arequipa

Kelly Davila from Cajamarca

Maria Carolina Salas from Cuzco

Tatiana Castro from ICA

Teresa Mori from La Libertad

Tania Peralta from USA PERU

Zully Barrantes from Ucayali

Bianca Villacorta from San Martin

Andrea Carolina Drago from Región Lima

Rozaly Marina Caina Jimenez from Pasco

Gloria Mercado from Moquegua

Janis Baluarte from Lima

Amalia Castro from Lambayeque


Zully Barrantes crowned Miss Earth Peru 2015