Miss USA 2015 : Info

Miss USA 2015, the 64th edition of Miss USA, was held at the Raising Cane's River Center Arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 12th July 2015. All fifty states and the District of Columbia competed where Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma was crowned by the new queen at the end of the event finale by her predecessor Nia Sanchez of Nevada.

Ylianna Guerra of Texas, Anea Garcia of Rhode Island, Brittany McGowan of Nevada and Mamé Adjei of Maryland were adjudged first, second, third and fourth runners-up respectively. Top 11 also included Madison Guthrie, Renee Bull, Emma Wo, Katie George (public vote winner), Candice Bennatt and Rashontae Wawrzyniak while Top 15 also included Maureen Montagne, Renee Wronecki, Thatiana Diaz and Laura Puleo.

Entertainment correspondent Alex Wehrley, a former Miss Wisconsin USA 2009, was brought in to host the pageant alongside game show host Todd Newton after original hosts Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars and MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts withdrew. This was the only Miss USA to be aired on Reelz and this was the last edition that Donald Trump had been the owner.

The contestants who competed for Miss USA 2015 were –

Madison Guthrie Miss Alabama USA 2015

Kimberly Agron Miss Alaska USA 2015

Maureen Montagne Miss Arizona USA 2015

Leah Blefko Miss Arkansas USA 2015

Natasha Martinez Miss California USA 2015

Talyah Polee Miss Colorado USA 2015

Ashley Golebiewski Miss Connecticut USA 2015

Renee Bull Miss Delaware USA 2015

Lizzy Olsen Miss District of Columbia USA 2015

Ashleigh Lollie Miss Florida USA 2015

Brooke Fletcher Miss Georgia USA 2015

Emma Wo Miss Hawaii USA 2015

Claira Hollingsworth Miss Idaho USA 2015

Renee Wronecki Miss Illinois USA 2015

Gretchen Reece Miss Indiana USA 2015

Taylor Even Miss Iowa USA 2015

Alexis Railsback Miss Kansas USA 2015

Katie George Miss Kentucky USA 2015

Candice Bennatt Miss Louisiana USA 2015

Heather Elwell Miss Maine USA 2015

Mamé Adjei Miss Maryland USA 2015

Polikseni Manxhari Miss Massachusetts USA 2015

Rashontae Wawrzyniak Miss Michigan USA 2015

Jessica Scheu Miss Minnesota USA 2015

Courtney Byrd Miss Mississippi USA 2015

Rebecca Dunn Miss Missouri USA 2015

Tahnee Peppenger Miss Montana USA 2015

Hoang-Kim Cung Miss Nebraska USA 2015

Brittany McGowan Miss Nevada USA 2015

Samantha Poirier Miss New Hampshire USA 2015

Vanessa Oriolo Miss New Jersey USA 2015

Alexis Duprey Miss New Mexico USA 2015

Thatiana Diaz Miss New York USA 2015

Julia Dalton Miss North Carolina USA 2015

Molly Ketterling Miss North Dakota USA 2015

Sarah Newkirk Miss Ohio USA 2015

Olivia Jordan Miss Oklahoma USA 2015

Bridget Wilmes Miss Oregon USA 2015

Elizabeth Cardillo Miss Pennsylvania USA 2015

Anea Garcia Miss Rhode Island USA 2015

Sarah Weishuhn Miss South Carolina USA 2015

Lexy Schenk Miss South Dakota USA 2015

Kiara Young Miss Tennessee USA 2015

Ylianna Guerra Miss Texas USA 2015

Nicol Powell Miss Utah USA 2015

Jackie Croft Miss Vermont USA 2015

Laura Puleo Miss Virginia USA 2015

Kenzi Novell Miss Washington USA 2015

Andrea Mucino Miss West Virginia USA 2015

Haley Laundrie Miss Wisconsin USA 2015

Caroline Scott Miss Wyoming USA 2015