Miss USA 2016 : Info

Miss USA 2016 pageant was held on June 5' 2016. Deshauna Barber from District of Columbia was adorned with the crown of Miss USA 2016 on the magnificent finale held in Las Vegas.The winner of Miss USA 2016 will represent the USA at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. There were a total of 52 contestants from all over USA who competed for the crown of Miss USA 2016.Deshauna Barber who was crowned by the outgoing queen Olivia Jordan will now represent USA at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.

The 51 gorgeous contestants vying for the Miss USA 2016 title were –

Nichole Natasha Greene

Desiree Williams

Daniella Rodriguez

Sibahn Doxey

Marisa Paige Butler

Autumn Olson

Kelsey Schmidt

Nadia Grace Mejia

Taylor Gorton

Kate Redeker

Deshauna Barber

Hope Stephens

Madison McKeown

Theresa Lila Agonia

Teale Shawn Murdock

Ariane Audett

Elena LaQuatra

Sydnee Stottlemyre

Alexandra Vorontsova

Jessielyn Palumbo

Leah Lawson

Chelsea Myers

Emanii Davis

Chelsea Hardin

Halley Maas

Emelina Adams

Whitney Sharpe

Maaliyah Papillion

Susie Leica

Alissa Morrison

Zena Malak

Brie Gabrielle

Sydney Blue Halper

Megan Rae Wise

Peyton Brown

Caley Rae Pavillard

Christina Denny

Abby Floyd

Haley Sowers

Jessica Strohm

Neely Fortune

Allison Ruth Dunn

Sarah Hollins

Serena Bucaj

Natriana Shorter

Bridget Jacobs

Morgan Abel

Victoria Wiggins

Kyle Nicole Hornback

Tiffany Teixeira

Naomie Elizabeth Germain

Previously NBC used to broadcast the Miss USA pageant. However, in 2015 NBC decided to end their business relationship and stated that they will no longer air the event. Since 2015, the Miss USA pageant will be televised on Reelz.

In 1950, when Yolande Betbeze, winner of the rival Miss America pageant, refused to pose for publicity pictures while wearing a swimsuit, pageant sponsor Catalina decided to pull their sponsorship off the pageant and create their own competition. Donald Trump, the current owner of Miss USA, bought the pageant in the year 1996.


Miss USA 2016 Pageant Info