Miss USA 2020 : Info

Miss USA 2020, the 69th edition of Miss USA beauty pageant, is expected to be held sometime in May/ June 2020. At the conclusion of the finale, Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina, Miss USA 2019, will crown her successor who will go on to represent USA in Miss Universe 2020.

Delegates from 50 states and the District of Columbia have been selected from the state pageants to compete for the national finale. Here are the 51 stunning beauties competing for Miss USA 2020 -

Kelly Hutchinson Miss Alabama USA 2020

Hannah Carlile Miss Alaska USA 2020

Yesenia Vidales Miss Arizona USA 2020

Haley Rose Pontius Miss Arkansas USA 2020

Allyshia Gupta Miss California USA 2020

Emily Rose DeMure Miss Colorado USA 2020

Chelsea Demby Miss Connecticut USA 2020

Katie Guevarra Miss Delaware USA 2020

Cierra Jackson Miss District of Columbia USA 2020

Monique Evans Miss Florida USA 2020

Alyssa Beasley Miss Georgia USA 2020

Samantha Neyland Miss Hawaii USA 2020

Kim Layne Miss Idaho USA 2020

Olivia Pura Miss Illinois USA 2020

Alexis Lete Miss Indiana USA 2020

Morgan Kofoid Miss Iowa USA 2020

Hayden Brax Miss Kansas USA 2020

Lexie Marie Iles Miss Kentucky USA 2020

Mariah Clayton Miss Louisiana USA 2020

Julia Van Steenberghe Miss Maine USA 2020

Taelyr Robinson Miss Maryland USA 2020

Sabrina Victor Miss Massachusetts USA 2020

Chanel Johnson Miss Michigan USA 2020

Taylor Fondie Miss Minnesota USA 2020

Asya Danielle Branch Miss Mississippi USA 2020

Megan Renee Kelly Miss Missouri USA 2020

Merissa Underwood Miss Montana USA 2020

Megan Swanson Miss Nebraska USA 2020

Victoria Olona Miss Nevada USA 2020

Alyssa Rose Fernandes Miss New Hampshire USA 2020

Gina Mellish Miss New Jersey USA 2020

Cecilia Rodriguez Miss New Mexico USA 2020

Andreia Gibau Miss New York USA 2020

Jane Axhoj Miss North Carolina USA 2020

Macy Christianson Miss North Dakota USA 2020

Sthephanie Miranda Miss Ohio USA 2020

Mariah Davis Miss Oklahoma USA 2020

Katerina Villegas Miss Oregon USA 2020

Victoria Piekut Miss Pennsylvania USA 2020

Jonét Nichelle Miss Rhode Island USA 2020

Hannah Jane Curry Miss South Carolina USA 2020

Kalani Jorgensen Miss South Dakota USA 2020

Justice Hope Enlow Miss Tennessee USA 2020

Taylor Leigh Kessler Miss Texas USA 2020

Rachel Slawson Miss Utah USA 2020

Shannah Weller Miss Vermont USA 2020

Susie Evans Miss Virginia USA 2020

Imani Blackmon Miss Washington USA 2020

Charlotte Bellotte Miss West Virginia USA 2020

Gabriella Deyi Miss Wisconsin USA 2020

Katie Bozner Miss Wyoming USA 2020