Miss Universo Uruguay 2016 : Info

Nuestra Belleza Uruguay 2016 (also known as Miss Uruguay) was held on June 24' 2016 at Radisson Victoria Plaza de Montevideo. The finale concluded with the crowning of Romina Trotto as the winner.

The finale of Nuestra Belleza Uruguay 2016 saw the crowning of Melina Carballo as Miss Grand Uruguay 2016. She will now represent Uruguay at the Miss Grand International 2016 pageant. At the same event, Thalía García was adjudged as the first runner up, Sofía Algorta was announced as the second runner up and Johana Clara was declared as the third runner up.

A total of nineteen (19) finalists were shortlisted for the pageant.

The 19 finalists competing were:

Artigas - Magdalena Cohendet

Canelones - Johana Clara

Cerro Largo - Romina Trotto

Colonia - Ariana Silva

Durazno - Ana Velazco

Flores - Jessica García

Florida - Evelin Martínez

Lavaleja - Thalía García

Maldonado - Valentina Rodriguez

Montevideo – Agustina Modernell

Paysandu - Micaela Pichniy

Rio Negro - Valentina Camejo

Rivera - Marisol Acosta

Rocha - Paula Otero

Salto - Melina Carballo

San José - Valentina Adinolfi

Soriano - Carolina Bonti

Tacuarembó - Sofía Algorta

Trenta Y Tres - Ángela Rocio

Nuestra Belleza Uruguay pageant has been in existence since 1952 with headquarters in Montevideo. The Nuestra Belleza Uruguay pageant also sends representatives to other coveted pageants like Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Continente Americano, Reinado Internacional del Café and Miss Maja Mundial.

Romina will now represent Uruguay at the Miss World 2016 pageant. She succeeds Sherika de Armas Miss World Uruguay 2015.


Nuestra Belleza Uruguay 2016


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