Miss Universe Australia : Info

Miss Universe Australia is a national beauty pageant of Australia owned by national director Deborah Miller that selects a representative to go to the international Miss Universe pageant annually. Prior to Miss Universe Australia, the winners of Miss Australia pageant were the official represeantatives of Australia at the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe pageat is owned by Mr. Donald Trump and NBC.

Miss Universe Australia pageant commenced in the Year 2004, when the first pageant was held. Jennifer Hawkins was the first ever winner of Miss Universe Australia pageant, and she also went on to win Miss Universe 2004 pageant. Miss Universe 2004, the 53rd Miss Universe pageant, was held in Centro de Convenciones CEMEXPO, Quito, Ecuador on June 1, 2004.      

Jennifer Hawkins - Miss Universe 2004

Prior to winning the Miss Universe crown in 2004, the only time Australia went on to win Miss Universe pageant was in the Year 1972 when Kerry Anne Wells (Miss Australia pageant winner) was crowned Miss Universe 1972.

Kerry Anne Wells - Miss Universe 1972

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