Miss Universe Australia 2019 : Info

Miss Universe Australia 2019, the 15th edition of the national contest, was held on 27th June 2019 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Victoria. Twenty eight contestants competed for the national crown and at the conclusion of the event finale, Priya Serrao was crowned the new queen. She succeeds and was crowned by Miss Universe Australia 2018 Francesca Hung.

The newly crowned queen Priya Serrao’s court included –

1st Runner-up: Bella Kasimba (Western Australia)

2nd Runner-up: Marijana Radmanovic (Victoria)

3rd Runner-up: Julia Edwards (Western Australia)

4th Runner-up: Madeline Cowe (Queensland)

Out of the twenty eight contestants, the ones who made it to the Top 10 were Victoria – Priya Serrao, Bella Kasimba, Marijana Radmanovic, Julia Edwards, Madeline Cowe, Veena Wijewickrema, Lilly Moreau, Isabella Epstein, Hànni Rose Howe and Danielle Collis.

Here are the contestants who competed for the national crown - Isabella Epstein (Queensland), Johanna Holzmann (Queensland), Monica Przybylek (Queensland), Kate Radin (Queensland), Madeline Cowe (Queensland), Lilly Moreau (New South Wales), Veena Wijewickrema (New South Wales), Diana Hills (New South Wales), Tasha Laraine Ross (New South Wales), Veronica Cloherty (New South Wales), Rosy Mae Reilly (New South Wales), Claire Parker (New South Wales), Isabel Stewart-Kasimba (Western Australia), Julia Edwards (Western Australia), Shivon Sweet (Western Australia), Justine Heron (Western Australia), Danielle Jaimi Collis (Victoria), Marijana Radmanovic (Victoria), Priya Serrao (Victoria), Eleanor Baillieu (Victoria), Brooke McAuley (Victoria), Tyra McNeill (Victoria), Ariel Russell (Victoria), Jessica Ellen Dover (South Australia), Nicole Kelly Cocks (South Australia), Hanni Rose Howe (South Australia), Alexandra Duggan (South Australia), Jessie Renée Wynter (Tasmania) and Rebecca Jane Dowling (Northern Territory).

Miss Universe Australia organization as usual held its State finals for Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, and South Australia, and the winners from the State finals became the national finalists to compete in Miss Universe Australia 2019. Representatives from Tasmania and Northern Territory were also selected to compete in the national final. Besides, a wild card entry was also announced by the organization.