Miss Universe Barbados : Info

Miss Universe Barbados is a national beauty pageant of Barbados that selects delegates to represent Barbados at the Miss Universe pageant.

Barbados first sent a representative to the Miss Universe pageant in 1976, but is yet to crack the final stages of the competition. The country has not participated in the Miss Universe pageant since 2007, when the country was represented in Mexico by Jewel Garner.

After the death of the National Director Andy Niles in 2006 Candi Nicholls, a former member of Niles' team took over the franchise. Niles was National Director from 2003 to 2005. Between 2008 and 2015 Barbados was absentfrom the Miss Universe pageant.

In 2016, Brian Green set Miss Universe Barbados Organization with new features.

The winners of Miss Universe Barbados so far are:

1976       Jewell Nightingale                          

1977       Margaret Rouse                                              

1978       Judy Miller                         

1979       Barbara Bradshaw                                          

1984       Lisa Worme                                       

1985       Liz Wadman                       

1986       Roslyn Irene Williams                    

1987       Dawn Michelle Waithe                 

1999       Olivia Harding                   

2003       Nadia Forte                       

2004       Cindy Batson                     

2005       Nada Yearwood                               

2007       Jewel Dianne Garner


Miss Universe Barbados Pageant Info