Miss Croatia World : Info

Miss Croatia World (also known as Miss Hrvatske or Miss Croatia) is an annual national beauty pageant held in Croatia to select a representative for the Miss World pageant. The pageant has been held since 1992 and the winner selected is not on the basis of good looks, but how active the contestant is in charitable activities.

Since the beginning, the Miss Croatia winners have maintained great results at the Miss World pageant. In 1993, Fani Capalija Miss Croatia World 1993 was adjudged the third runner-up at the Miss World pageant. Similarly Branka Bebic Miss Croatia 1994 and Anica Martinovic Miss Croatia 1995 were placed fourth runner-up and first runner-up respectively. However, since then, Croatia has never reached the runners-up slot and managed to be placed in the Top 15 in (1999) and Top 16 in (2008).


Miss Croatia World 2016 (also known as Miss Hrvatske 2016 or Miss Croatia 2016) was held on June 17’ 2016 at Crikvenica, Hotel Omorika. Angelica Zacchigna was crowned as the winner by the outgoing queen Maja Spahija. Angelica Zacchigna will now represent Croatia at the Miss World 2016 pageant slated to be held in Washington DC, USA later this year.


Miss Croatia World 2016



Miss Croatia World 2015 (also known as Miss Hrvatske 2015 or Miss Croatia 2015) was held on June 12’ 2015 at Crikvenica, Hotel Omorika.  Maja Spahija was crowned as the winner by the outgoing queen Antonije Gogic


Miss Croatia World 2015 winner



Miss Croatia 2014 was Antonije Gogic who was crowned Miss Croatia on the finale held on September 18’ 2014 at Diocletian Palace, Split, Croatia. There were thirteen finalists who competed for the title - Zrinka Kucinic, Tina Omerovic, Tamara Buljevic, Stella Kolar, Selma Selimovic, Natalia Modric, Ivana Tokic, Ivana Mandaric, Hana Bašic, Brigita Levanat, Antonije Gogic, Andrea Ankovic, and Anamarija Burg.


Miss Croatia 2014 winners