Miss World Hungary : Info

Magyarország Szépe (also known as Miss World Hungary) is an annual national beauty pageant of Hungary that selects a representative for the Miss World pageant. Between 1985 to 1995, Hungarian representatives for Miss World were sent through Miss Hungary pageant. Since 1996, the Miss Hungary for Miss World has been organized by Mr. Adam Fasy and he held it till 2005. Since 2006 the franchise of Miss World in Hungary has been handled by Magyarország Szépe.

The winners of Miss World Hungary as of now represent Hungary at the Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss Intercontinental pageants.

Year 2017

The magnificent finale of Miss World Hungary 2017 concluded on 18th June 2017 with the crowning of ViragKoroknyai as the winner.

Year 2016

Miss World Hungary 2016 was Tímea Gelencsér. Timea represented Hungary at the Miss World 2016 pageant, and was placed among Top 20 at the finals.

Year 2015

Miss World Hungary 2015 was Daniella Kiss. Daniella represented Hungary at the Miss World 2015 pageant, however, remained unplaced.

Year 2014

Miss World Hungary 2014 was Edina Kulcsár. Edina represented Hungary at the Miss World 2014 pageant and was placed as the First Runner-up.


Miss World 2014 Winners Edina Kulscar

Miss World 2014 Winners