Miss World Hungary 2017 : Info

The magnificent finale of Miss World Hungary 2017 concluded on 18th June 2017 with the crowning of ViragKoroknyai as the winner. Virag defeated 15 finalists, and will now represent Hungary at the Miss World 2017 pageant to be held later this year in China.

Initially twenty contestants were selected, though after a series of preliminary events four were eliminated leaving a total of sixteen (16) finalists. The finalists were Beáta Stankovics, Viktória Viczián, Gerda Szilágyi, Virág Koroknyai, Laura Peto, Nikolett Rudolf, Dóra Kovágó, Fanni Márton, Cintia Örvendi, Cintia Oldal, Doris Kiss, Jenifer Ilyés, Kitti Lajos, Bianka Bambi Orbàn, Vivien Tersach, and Ivett Szigligeti.

During the course of preliminary activities for the pageant, a few special awards have been announced and the winners are -

Miss Charity 2017                           Beáta Stankovics

Miss Bikini 2017                              Beáta Stankovics

Miss Beautiful Face 2017                 Viktória Viczián

Miss Sport 2017                              Gerda Szilágyi

Miss Talent 2017                             Virág Koroknyai


Miss World Hungary 2017 Contestants Finalists


Miss World Hungary 2017 Contestants Candidates