Miss Earth New Zealand : Info

Miss Earth New Zealand is a national beauty pageant of New Zealand that selects representatives for the Miss Earth beauty pageant. Miss Earth New Zealand Pageant aims to - “Raise the awareness of environmental issues not only around the world but also those within New Zealand. And to furthermore, develop young leaders skills that help build, protect, and sustain New Zealand’s wildlife and eco-system”.
The national franchise of Miss Earth New Zealand was launched in 2001 by Miss World New Zealand Ltd, under the directorship of Ros Taylor. In 2011, the New Zealand Asia Pacific Trust acquired the Miss Earth New Zealand franchise. Miss Earth New Zealand pageant is carried out to assure that each of the candidates are not just physically beautiful, but environmentally knowledgeable.
The winner of Miss Earth New Zealand not only represents the country at the Miss Earth beauty pageant, but also serves as the environmental ambassador for the country.
Miss Earth is an annual Beauty Pageant which is aimed at promoting Environmental Awareness. Carousel Productions organized and launched the first Miss Earth beauty pageant in 2001 to actively promote the preservation of the environment. Miss Earth is part of one of the Big Four International Pageants.  Miss Earth is one of the most unique kinds of a beauty pageant which promotes the idea of ‘Beauty for a Cause’; all the contestants desiring to be crowned with the coveted title have to work for environmental and social causes and spread awareness.

Miss Earth New Zealand Pageant Info